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"Automatic shoes give me 3D vision and the California blues."
    Telegram Sam - Marc Bolan.

Cover versions

An extraordinary album that reinterprets a number of Marc's songs in baroque style.
=== Review by David-Do ===
To Michel and all Tillers,
Beltane is one of the most beautiful albums I have ever heard. I can't begin to lavish enough praise upon it. I have never heard anything quite like it.

Rarn! Rarn! How can three notes of music be so moving?

The choice of songs is truly inspired, these words and melodies are a part of me, they move me, they "belong" to me.

Marcs songs have been enchanted into something quite remarkable, music from a forgotten world that invokes images of mist strewn valleys, medieval castles, elves and wizards. Every element of Beltane is just so right. Catherine Lamberts gorgeous voice, the production, the outstanding arrangements of Robert Lafond, the musical performance, even the "Spirit of the Night" artwork adds to the overall magic.

It was a wonderful of Michel to have envisaged these songs being performed in this way, Marcs words and music suit this style so well, its incredible. All of these gentle, yet inspirational songs have been immaculately arranged and performed.

I'm particularly adore A day Laye and Wind Cheetah. Its as though a song within a song has been discovered in Wind Cheetah.

I'm totally in love with this album, it is one of my most treasured possessions. I can't than you enough for creating Beltane Michel, I just hope its the first of many:)))))))

Rarn! Rarn!
An Exalted Companion
A tribute album.

=== Review by Vampyre ===

An Exalted Companion (of T.Rex Nights) LP UTA 7 Barracuda Blue Records, England, 1988 compiled by Marc Arscott & Karen Hirst features tracks by:
  • Boz Boorer - The Woodland Bop
  • Natalie McDonald - The Third Degree
  • Gardenia - The Beginning of Doves
  • DanielZ - Cadillac
  • Andy Ellison - Desdemona

I believe this is a legitimate release maybe on a private label? I ordered it directly from Marc [Arscott]. As time passes I believe it is more & more rare to find. I suggested to him that he put it out in CD form with the extra tracks that are floating around on 12 inch but he resisted the idea: CD & LP are different mediums (?!?!?!?!?!?) & wouldn't be right?????

Like most tribute albums, there are songs you love & songs you hate depending on the style of the artist more than the songs they chose to do. I made a cassette of some of these tracks & mixed them in with tracks from the Res.. of the Warlock CD. Album comes with a detailed insert about the artists & tracks.
The Legend Lives (1996)
Cover versions by Willie Logan (who he?). Not bad though and at GBP 2.99 (USD 4.50) I can always use it to stand my coffee mug on it I get fed up with it. The most interesting tracks are the Tyrannosaurus Rex titles, the version of 'Debora' is delightful with an oriental feel to it. The track which impressed me most was 'Life's an Elevator' (a track I didn't know previously) given a very atmospheric treatment. The worst is undoubtedly 'Sold Gold Easy Action' which sounds like an entry for the Eurovision Song Contest.
Marc Bolan Presents Sister Pat Hall (1996)
Backing singer for T.Rex sings Marc Bolan compositions and produced by MB.
Trip and Glide in the Ballrooms of T.Rextasy (1995)
T.Rextasy are a tribute band who do very passable covers of T.Rex songs but still with their own flavour. I am off to see them at the Cambridge Corn Exchange on 30th September, 1997 for a Memorial Concert.
Resurrection of the Warlock (1995)
The following review is by the owner of Old School Records so it is very biased. Even so it is worth getting, I'm glad I did.

=== Review by Pete G. ===

1 Chariot Choogle/Sky Blues--Named one of the year's best unsigned bands in MUSICIAN and SCREAMER magazines and was profiled on MTV for a up-and-coming band profile. This band from Scarsdale, NY puts out their own CD recordings and tour stages and colleges in support of them. Listen to the heavy intensity and energy they give to their T.Rex interpretation of this gem that originally appeared on the lp THE SLIDER. +

2 The Slider/The Smithereens--One of the nation's best rock bands give this Bolan classic a fresh edge!! +

3 Raw Ramp/Dramarama--The now-defunct rock band recorded their last-ever track for this compilation. This obscure T.Rex b-side is one of the finest gems never to appear on a regular T.Rex album given the trashy rock treatment it deserves. +

4 Country Honey/Buick MacKane--Rykodisc recording artist Alejandro Escovedo of True Believers & Rank and File fame delivers this Bo-Diddley-type rocker from Austin, Texas with his hometown band of rockers. +

5 Light Of Love/The Molotov Combo (featuring Jonny "Flo" Langford and Timothy "Eddie" Powell)--Mekons' leader Langford recorded this track with producer Powell one night over about 18 beers in a mobile studio in Grant Park in Chicago, IL. A pop gem.

6 Born To Boogie/The Sabrejets--Rockabilly-based band from Belfast, Northern Ireland led by leader Brian Young. Previously known as The Tigersharks contributing a song to a Cramps tribute album, Brian reformed with new members for the Sabrejets. T.Rex for the 50's slick-backed hair greaser in everyone. Anyone seen my leather???

7 Ride A White Swan/Stormclouds--Formed in 1986 in the U.K. as a duo by Steve Lines. Melanie Townsend joined in 1993. Ken Flynn joined in 1991 for studio work only. This track sounds almost exactly like the original with a female lead voice. Brilliant!!!

8 Cosmic Dancer/The Now--Old School Recording artists produce lo-fi recordings on 4-track recorders led by leader Peter Gaines and his many studio cohorts. Resurrected out of the tomb on this one.

9 Ballrooms Of Mars/The Cruxshadows--Music focused on the dramatic & romantic from these goth rockers from Tallahassee, FL or New Orleans depending upon how full the moon is. Their digital musical-set combines keyboards, guitar, electric violin and drum patterns with raw energy. Trip & Glide through the Ballrooms on this hot track!!! +

10 Get It On (Bang A Gong)/Friendly Ghosts--California Bay-area band formed by primary member Joel Brandwein. Their take on the most well-known T.Rex track gives the listener a whole new song to love.

11 Planet Queen-Rip Off Medley/Illuminati--Progressive rock band from Philadelphia that got their name inspired by the conspiracy group that controls the world, etc... A medley of sorts of great trax from the infamous Electric Warrior album given a heavy guitar edge.

12 20th Century Boy/The Three Johns--Jon Langford of the Mekons' infamous offshoot group recorded live in this vintage punk rock take on the Bolan classic.

13 The Groover/The Shrunken Heads--Formerly the Mummys and Vooola Mummys, Pravda recording artists from Chicago rock out on this pre-punk classic single. T.....R.....E....X!!!!

14 Jupiter Liar/Futuristic Dragon--This Chicago band celebrates the end of the 20th century rock and roll by entering into a musical covenant to resurrect, re-construct and re-introduce the music of Marc Bolan & T.Rex to the masses as a tribute band. Guess that's why they are presented here doing the obscure album track from the lp they named their group after.

15 Once Upon The Seas Of Abyssinia/Staggering Prophets--4AD recording artists RED HOUSE PAINTERS' members Gorden Mack(guitar) & Dan Barbee(keyboards) plus bassist Peter Winter doing the obscure Tyrannosaurus Rex song. Just Beautiful. +

16 Catblack (The Wizard's Hat)/Cosa Nostra--Chicago-based band led by Joe Losurdo & Max Koc with sax player Jason Wietlispach and Lava Sutra drummer Anthony Illarde contributing. 2nd hand Bolan tune conversion into a first-rate art rock number.

17 Jeepster/Alone On The Red--Formed in 1991 gigging regularly around the Portsmouth area in England. They are making their mark on the music scene in the south coast of the U.K. with their homemade brew of Bolanesque seventies glam and a hard-edged tight rock sound of the nineties.

18 Telegram Sam/Jump The Gun--Formed in late 1990 based out of Harrisburg, PA area, this band is unique in their sound and songwriting. They interpret the big FM-radio staple that gave a nod to Howlin' Wolf.

19 Metal Guru/Three Humans--Pop-trio from the south residing in three separate states of Mississippi, Tennessee, and Louisiana. Their take on the pop classic U.K. hit from The Slider lp will get your fingers snappin'.

20 King Of The Mountain Cometh/Goo--This one-man-industrial-band is based out of an abandoned basement warehouse somewhere on Chicago's west side. Reclusive Goo gives his version of what Bolan would have sounded like had he survived to create noise in the nineties. This obscure cover retains its obscurity as presented here.

+ Recommended for Radio Airplay.

For further info, contact OSR at 630-616-8471 or fax 630-616-0341.

Mail order: $12 check or money order ($13 overseas) Old School Records 179 Prospect Avenue Wood Dale, IL 60191-2727 USA

Or call 708-524-2880 Visa/Mastercard/Discover accepted
The Missing Link to Tyrannosaurus Rex
No Marc on this. It was recorded by Steve Peregrine Took after his departure from Tyrannosaurus Rex, in 1972.

Till - Stewart mclean wrote:
Has any one heard Steve P. Tooks cd The missing link to T.REX just wondering if it,s worth getting...bye for now ...stewart

=== Review by Kate. ===
Yes, I have Steve's CD and like it very much, but it has nothing in common with Tyrannosaurus Rex or T.Rex. Very phsychodelic, more Hawkwind-type. It was an unfinished album, arranged much later. Whether you like it or not depends on your musical tastes.

Laser Love, Kate.

=== Review by Jim-Jam. ===
I own a copy....its ok if your into acid.........maaaaan.,<g> Actually, its got some nice tracks on. a couple I could imagine Marc singing vocals. imo, its on those cd's what you wished you never brought, but at the same time, its still nice to listen to it....once every 5 yrs.

Took: vocals, guitar, keys and percussion
Twink: Drums
Crazy Diamond: guitar , various noises.

Some nice lil stories bout Marc and co in inner leaflet.
Recorded early in 1972 on a 8 track.
Produced by Telegram Sam (Tony Secunda).

The better one to go for is:
Steve Tooks Shagrat..."Nothing Exceeds Like Access.
(ltd edition of 400)
Great Jewish Music: Marc Bolan
This review by Ian Danzig (pseudonym?) appeared in last month's (February '99) issue of the Toronto music rag "Exclaim" on p. 41:

As John Zorn continues to "out" songwriters and their Jewish lineage with his Great Jewish Music series, Marc Bolan of T. Rex becomes the latest target. Mark Feld by birth, Bolan grew out of the psychedelic folk scene to become a frontrunner of the UK's 70's glam rock movement. His classic hook-laden anthems have been covered consistently and successfully over the past 30 years, yet this collection still manages to up the ante. The inventive rock talents Zorn brings together always come correct with versions that stray plenty from the original.

On the hard rockin' front, we have Arto Lindsay and Marc Ribot with a rather traditional churning of "Children of the Revolution," while the Melvins' fuzz-rock stuttering of "Buick MacKane" takes on a surreal shine and Faith No More's Mike Patton checks in with Fantomas, sounding like a glammed-out Boredoms on an all-too-brief "Chariot Choogle." Guitarists of note include Vernon Reid getting full guitar wank points on "Jeepster" while one time Beefheart guitarist Gary Lucas takes a textured acoustic approach to "Deboraarobed" and the always frantic Buckethead goes pyrotechnic for "20th Century Boy." Rebecca Moore's haunting rendition of 'Telegram Sam" outdoes Bauhaus with a Bjork-like ambient trip-out of the highest order, and Kramer's drumbreak take on "Get It On" is suitably freaked out, complete with a little kid on backup vocals. Where Medeski, Marin & Wood sound exactly like their funkin' selves on "Groove A Little," New Zealand's Tall Dwarfs' cover of "Ride A White Swan" is so true to form, one has to wonder if Bolan is where they've been lifting from all along. The pop confection of the set, however, comes from Sean Lennon & Yuka Honda -- a beautiful beat-box vocal harmony rendition of "Would I Be The One" that makes up for some previous collaborative catastrophes.

I enjoyed this collection of covers. If you find it I think you will be pleasantly surprised.

Marc CDs at:

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