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"I ain't no square with my corkscrew hair."
    Telegram Sam - Marc Bolan.

Marc Bolan and T.Rex Concerts


I have been to see Marc Bolan live four times:

  • Saturday, February 15th 1969
  • Saturday, June 5th 1970.
  • Wednesday, 14th October 1970.
  • Tuesday, 16th February 1971.

Birmingham Town Hall - Saturday, February 15th 1969.

How could I have thrown away that ticket stub. Blue it was and ink-stained like the last one. Hindsight is a wonderful thing. Oh well.

"Castle Rock" - Saturday, June 5th 1970.



Castle Rock CoverCastle Rock Cover [79k]
Tyrannosaurus RexTyrannosaurus Rex [110k]

Programme Notes:

Tyrannosaurus Rex are two.

Marc Bolan is one. He sings, plays guitar, organ and bass, and writes all of T. Rex's songs.

"How do I see myself? I suppose I'm a poet. Well, sometimes."

Marc's first contact with top music came when he worked in Soho selling cokes at the 21's coffee bar - the starting ground for early British rock n'rollers like Adam Faith, Terry Dene and Screaming Lord Such. "I remember Cliff Richard being thrown out 'because you can't sing' I was nine at the time."

Marc is now 22 years old and Tyrannosaurus Rex are two. From their earlier. acoustic songs, the group has travelled into electric music. . . . "But I don't think about it as 'being electric' I'm into the media power of the electric instrument, to reach as many people as possible."

Aiding Marc in reaching these people is Mickey Finn, the other half of T. Rex. Mickey plays bongos. And sings. And sometimes plays bass.

"Before I joined up with Marc, I was into painting, I painted the Beatles' shop actually painted it and organised it so it'd be ready in time. Before that I sometimes played with Haphash and the Coloured Coat. We made an LP and did just one live gig, in Amsterdam"

Mickey, who particularly enjoys the music of Jack Bruce, The Band and The Flying Burrito Brothers, is a motor-bike freak...... And I'd like to take up drag racing."

Following a chance meeting with Marc in a London macrobiotic restaurant, Mickey became T. Rex's other half.

"I wouldn't have put myself forward. He had an ad in the paper, didn't he? It came so easy. We met talked and then went down to Wales for three weeks."

"Since Mickey became a part of T. Rex the music has become freer, more relaxed, and we can improvise - which we could not do before."

And Marc's songs, those songs of fables and fantasies and dreams and images.

"I don't write the songs - inspiration does.

I couldn't write those sings I'm being used."

And not badly either. Not badly at all!

Set listing:

  • One Inch Rock.
  • Debora.
  • Hot Rod Mamma.
  • Wind Quartet.
  • Pavilions of Sun.
  • King of the Rumbling Spires.
  • By the Light of a Magical Moon.
  • Organ Blues.
  • Torch Girl of the Marshes.
  • Conesuela.
  • Salamanda Palaganda.
  • Fist Heart, Mighty Dawn Dart.
  • He was a Wizard.
  • Jewels Upon Her Lip.


The above track listing is as I found it on a scrap of paper that I wrote at the time.

Birmingham Town Hall - Wednesday, 14th October 1970.


Birmingham Town Hall - Tuesday, 16th February 1971.



T.Rextasy (a tribute band) gave a fine memorial concert at the Cambridge Corn Exchange on 30th September, 1997:

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