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"Automatic shoes give me 3D vision and the California blues."
    Telegram Sam - Marc Bolan.

T.Rextasy, Cambridge Corn Exchange, 30th September 1997 - Reviews.

Mark McL and two Japanese fans [Pictures taken and scanned by Fee Warner. Thank you very much Fee!]

Mark McL and two Japanese fans

=== Review by Paul ===

Just recovering from last night. Had a really fantastic time. Got to Cambridge about 6.40 p.m. to find a large queue outside. Just like 1972 et all. I was surprised when we got inside to find it was such an impressive arena. When Danielz came on he looked more like Marc than ever and a huge cheer went up when Rolan was spotted in the Box seats.

The evening just got better and better. First Andy Ellison joined Danielz to sing Desdemona. Then a Marc Tribute singer from Japan appeared. He was cool. Then Mark King from VH-1 appeared to tell us it would be shown on Friday evening on VH-1. He then sang Metal Guru. Next Mickey Finn came on to accompany Danielz on Spaceball Ricochet. Then Rolan came on and SANG Dreamy Lady. Really great. Got a fantastic cheer from the fans. Then Paul Fenton on Drums, Jack Green and Mickey came back on and it turned into a big party with everyone on for the last numbers (including Rolan).

By the time the second encore was played (Hot Love, of course) everyone was filled with emotion. Mickey Marmalade did a great job and the fans gave him a great hand. Just as we were all leaving Rolan came back on stage himself and said he wanted to thank everyone for coming and his Mother sent her love and would be over next year. He said he would be back with his own Group next year singing. Everyone was nearly in tears at the simple gentle emotion of the man.

Got home 3.00 this morning so just recovering.

Keep a little Marc in your heart


Mark McL and Andy Ellison

Mark McL and Andy Ellison

=== Review by Rob ===

One word - AMAZING!

Okay, I'll give you a few more than that, if you want. BLOODY AMAZING. Basically, it was one of THE best gigs I have ever been to. I walked in and thought, "Oh my God, it's Marc on stage!" There was old Marc lookalike (! - hell, he was Marc on the night!) giving it his stuff and it was just amazing! Incredible! Stupendous! The sound was outstanding, the replication faultless. I was completely blown away.

Unfortunately I missed most of the first part of the gig (listen, I was in The Eagle and my mates assured me they wouldn't start the gig until 9ish.) Not true! I caught a few tunes, including Mark King doing a great rendition of Metal Guru and then it was time to hit the bar _again_. Phew, 2 more pints later, the music sounded even better. But hey, I'm getting ahead of myself. You'll be pleased to hear that there were no 'trophy-sellers' there, well, if you don't include Marc's old Road manager trying to flog old 'book bound' memories and poetry of Marc's.

I did my best to find you other tillers who went to the gig - if you did! I didn't find any of you, although I did approach several people saying, 'Mike?' 'Mark?' 'Jorgen?' and getting very weird looks. Hey, and then you try and explain your error and say that you're from an Internet chat group and you get even weirder looks!

Anyway, I soon realised the company I would be keeping would be with my mates - not a bad situation - so we hit the dancefloor, drinks in hand and got rocking. Hey, the pints got spilt everywhere when 'Marc' came back on but I didn't care! Things were already a little mad in the crowd and just got madder when a very sadly dishevelled looking Mickey Finn came on to do.....God, what did they do? Spaceball Ricochet! That's it. It was amazing, and just seeing Mickey in the flesh was incredible! However, seeing how bent over and withered he has become was quite, I don't know, upsetting I suppose. Hey, kids.....don't use drugs!

The second half of the gig was just a gas. Fenton and Green came on, John's Children came on, Rolan came on, a Japanese Marc Bolan lookalike [Info from Danielz: his name is Akima] came on! Basically, they got the whole lot of them on. No Bill Legend though. That was a shame. With the music being played faultlessly and all these 'heroes' of mine in front of my very eyes, I was in seventh heaven! Incredible. It truly was. And also, and this was amazing, Mickey started to grow back into his old role of rock star; got more active, bolder and 'aware' of the crowd. He even had a joke with me! Yeppie, he offered me his tambourine he was playing and then, as I reached out amazed, he snatched it away, wagged a finger and laughed. Top moment.

I was very impressed with Rolan. I had a kinda grim view of the young lad - felt he was kinda using this whole scenario to further his own career. But he was very humble and gracious in giving praise to his father. That was nice.

So all in all, an excellent night. I did consider hanging about outside the stage exit to try and get backstage, but felt it was a private moment for the 'old band' and not really deserving of gleeful fans like me. So I went and got trollied in '5th Avenue' nightclub and so rounded off a perfect night.

Guys, it was great. Wish you could all have been there, but I toasted you all on the final and second encore of the night; 'Hot Love'.

Bless Marc!


Mark McL and Fee

Mark McL and Fee

=== Review by Fee ===

Hi there Tillers,

Its Thursday morning and I've just come down after Cambridge. I had spent the day working at Cambridge Uni. Like you Paul I got home at 3 am. So it was a loooong day!!!! but too hyped up to sleep. then work Thursday!

As Mark McL and Rob said, it was great. The depression which had been hanging over me since before the 16th went. It was a time to celebrate. Rolan being there was too much. I was soooo happppy.

We met an amazing little Japanese guy who was so pretty. Corkscrew curls, Purple flairs,' Annello and Davide' button-bar-type shoes, leopard print shirt. Wow. He and his girlfriend spoke almost no English. They had flown over from Japan for the gig. Wow. The language barrier prevented anymore conversation. Except that when he saw my tattoo he shouted "Gandalf" (because it is Elvish runes as Mark McL has already said). I never did manage to find out why his girlfriend kept pointing at one area of my t-shirt and laughing. She could (or would) not tell me. I can only think that it was because it said '50th birthday 30/09/97, but who knows'.

Nuff, for now,

Keep a little Marc in Your Heart


=== Review by Jorgen and Helena ===

Hello listers,

So I am back at the front of my dusty screen after a very active and joyfull time. The trip to England was a 100% success, but we nearly didn't make it. Our flight was cancelled without any explanation. Got another one in a hurry and missed about 1 and a half our in Cambridge because of that. Helena and I did get a room fairly fast and when we had showered and enjoyed the tax-free whisky (Oban single malt), we went to "the Eagle". I said "the Lion" to the taxi driver, but he strightened me out. At the Lion,,, sorry, the Eagle I spotted Mark almost right away. Fee turned up a few minutes later. (Thanks for the drinks, Fee!)

After a nice chat we went to the excange for a real treat, Being rather cynical, I was puzzled by how moved I became. The sound was so convincing and the musicians played with such enthusiasm, it was impossible not to surrender. When Andy Ellison joined the band for "Desdemona" I had my personal climax. Talked with Andy between sets and he seemed to enjoy having a fan in Sweden. Altogether, a very nice event, free of exploatation.

The day after I was sitting with a silly smile on those open deck tourist busses on a Cambridge tour. We had a very relaxed trip home in the afternoon. One little incident: I got body searched at Stansted. Luckily they didn't find it;-)

"D-D-D-Desdemona, lift up your skirt and fly..."

Jorgen & Helena

=== Review by Mark McL ===

Where to start eh? Well as the red king said, "Start at the beginning and go on till you reach the end, then stop".

Got bored at work so left for Cambridge early. Walking from the station I passed a man walking the other way wearing a T.Rextasy T-shirt. We smiled a knowing smile at each other with a little nod of the head.

Then I was stopped by a man wearing a suit but, instead of collar and tie, a Trex T-shirt. He asked directions to the Corn Exchange and I like a good boy scout produced my map of Cambridge.

Picked up my ticket and was at the Eagle by 5:00. Thought I would start as I meant to go on so had a pint of lager. Sat and read my copy of Empire (UK film magazine) waiting for a steady stream of strangers to accost me.

Fee was the first, then not long after Jorgen and Helena (forgive me if that is wrong I am terrible with names). Another pint of lager. At the bar I was pleased that I immediately recognised the delicate tattoo on Fee's right forearm as a rune from LOTR. It turns out to be Gandalf's rune and above it her husband's name in runic. We talked of all the large legends we knew. After glow-worm talks we headed for the concert.

Rob is right, it is a nice venue. Small enough to have that intimate atmosphere. And no merchandising. A mixed blessing as a memento would have been nice.
[Info from Danilez: There were in fact some items that were being sold just for the evening, i.e., Alfie O'Leary was selling some photos that Mickey had got printed up.]

Time to buy another lager and then into the hall. There are only a couple of boxes up on the right and Fee immediately spotted Rolan. There is a big T.Rextasy logo above the back of the stage and all the gear laid out. The lights dim, a man introduces T.Rextasy with a few word on the nature of the occasion and onto the stage bounces Danielz. As Rob said he is an amazingly good lookalike, you could almost believe...

Whoops. This is my stop.

=== Info from T.Rextasy ===

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