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Who are Mark and Mary?

M and M at NO Jazz Fest 01 (26K)

Here you will learn more about Mark and Mary, their home life, cars and cats:

  • Mark Chief Executive Officer, founder member, scholar, gentleman and acrobat. All round good egg.
  • Mary Chief Financial Officer and serial Mazda MX5 owner in charge of Retail Therapy, Corporate Planning and garden rearrangement.
  • Photos To see what we look like here is a Rogues Gallery.
  • Headquarters Our previous home, Avon cottage, is the archetypal Olde English home on the edge of the New Forest.
  • Overseas branch Our holiday home is a trulli, a unique style of property found only in Puglia in southern Italy.
  • Chief Feline Officer Our cute cats Cleo, Oscar and Oliver who used to provide us with a regular supply of small, (usually) dead rodents.
  • Social Club We used to belong to the New Forest Wine Society - now alas defunct.
  • Transport Fleet Mary is a woman of extremes. It is difficult to image a car more different to the MX5 than her Morris Minor - Molly.
  • Pictures A collection of photographs for friends to view.
  • Kenilworth Grammar School KGS reunions in 2001 and 2006. Later reunions in the blog Gullible's Travels.