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"Its the car, right? Chicks love the car!"
    Batman (Val Kilmer) - Batman Forever.

Mary's Morris Minor


Molly sits in our driveway 2 (28K)

Mary used to own two Morris Minors (at the same time) now both gone to new homes.

Mark's MM Tips

Having spent half the week following one Easter working on Emily's front grill I would like to pass on the following two tips:
  • Do not use cellulose aerosol spray cans on cold, damp days as you will produce a satin finish, not the hoped for gloss.
  • Get the excellent catalogue from the Morris Minor Parts Centre. It has exploded views of every single component that goes to make up a Morris Minor. Better than any workshop manual I have seen; without it I would never have been able to reassemble the bonnet (hood) catch mechanism correctly.

Morris Minor Links

Here are some Morris Minor Home pages that provide a useful starting point to others: