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"It's cool for cats."
    Squeeze - UK pop group (1979).

Our Cats - Still Fluffy After All These Years

Sad to report but our cats are no longer with us. Old age, illness and road traffic accident respectively have taken them from us but I leave these pictures here as a reminder of happy times and the joy these wonderful fully creatures have given over the years.


Cute Black cat (9.8K)
  • Cleo(patra) was our original cat, who lived to nearly seventeen. As she was long haired and black, trying to photograph her was like taking a picture of a black hole. Normally all you get is a dark smudge and two eyes, this is one of the better photos.
  • Alias(es): Clee; Old Tart.
  • Favorite sleeping place: In the jumper draw under the bed.

The Old Tart (8.8K)
  • Favorite party piece: Rolling over flat on her back with her legs apart - hence her nickname of "The Old Tart".
  • Feline Oscar Nomination for: Poor Neglected Cat in "Don't you worry about me, I'll be all right out here in the summer house!".

Oscar and Oliver

Cute Persian cats (11K)
  • We acquired two more cute Persian cats in November 1998 called Oscar and Oliver. They came from the Shirren Rescue for Persian Cats. Oliver is the ginger cream on the left, Oscar is the blue and white on the right.
  • These two boys were two and a half years old and arrived at the shelter well looked after by someone who could no longer take care of them.


Oscar the blue and white Persian (7K)
  • Oscar is a blue and white Persian and the scruffiest looking cat imaginable.
  • Alias(es): Scruff-Bo.
  • Favorite sleeping place: Sprawled out in the middle of the carpet just where you want to walk.
  • Favorite party piece: Playing with toy mouse for hours on end.
  • Feline Oscar Nomination for: Yosemite Sam look-alike.


Persian cat mistakes computer case for basket (11K)
  • Oliver. Is a complete tube of orange fluff.
  • Alias(es): Fat Boy; Orange Tube.
  • Favorite sleeping place: The chair you've just vacated.
  • Favorite party piece: Lying motionless for hours on end.
  • Feline Oscar Nomination for: Poor Starving Cat in "How they do neglect me!".

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