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"The huntress stands, with peacock hands she'd take me to where she lie
She sighs so deep, it rocks the river of her stomach sky."
    Frowning Atahuallpa (My Inca Love) - Marc Bolan.

Tyrannosaurus Rex - My People...

List of Reviewers

=== Review by Irving ===

"My People Were Fair And Had Sky In Their Hair ...."

This is another album I didn't get to hear until buying the Doubleback issue in late 1972. Of course that was the first issue of this album in New Zealand.

Anyway for this review, I got out a mono Regal Zonophone copy and played it last Friday night.

The mono issue has a slightly different mix to the stereo and you don't have to put up voices going from one speaker to the other and other tricks from the early days of stereo. The mono has a richer sound than the stereo mix.

In many ways this album (and it's follow up), was about an overall feel rather than individual titles. But that's not too to say there weren't stand out songs.

"My People Were Fair ..." kicks off strongly with "Hot Rod Mama", which although played with an acoustic guitar & bongos, is undoubtedly a rock n roll song.

'Child Star' is one of Marc's nicest slow songs, in spite of the rather thin musical backing.

'Strange Orchestras' could have benefited from a stronger backing track but I just love the background voices!!

'Chateau In Virginia Waters' is a lovely strong song with a mellow feel, whilst 'Dwarfish Trumpet Blues' quickens the pace a little.

Side two and more R 'n' R with 'Mustang Ford'. This is pure Chuck Berry but put together with alligator leather and a few weird background vocals for good measure.

Good feel to both 'Afghan Woman' & 'Knight'.

I'm not so sure about 'Graceful Fat Sheba', but 'Wielder Of Words' I've always loved. Great feel, great song and surely a title that in many ways sums up Marc's approach to both song lyrics and poetry.

The album finishes well with 'Frowning Atahuallpa' and the wonderful "Kingsly Mole" story read by John Peel.

"Back To Mono" Irving

=== Review by Rob ===

I listened to Led Zeppelin's "Physical Graffiti" album last night and it blew me away. The musicianship and sheer power of it was astounding. As I listened to it, it got me thinking just how Marc's early music could stand up against such giants of rock. How could this little elfin character ever compete against such behemoth music? And then it occurred to me that Marc was never set out to compete with his musical peers. He was an entity all of his own, with a style unique to him and a charisma and magnetism which drew people to him and reinforced his messages even when inconsistencies in his musical abilities were evident. And within this little world, there was great power.

Just like his character, "My people" is a fantastic, whimsical, thoughtful, warm, carefree, energetic exploration of a beautful mind and time which to some of us is but just a dream whilst to others was a reality, and a beautiful one at that.

This is my vision and thoughts of the album of that time.

In my opinion, this is the best T-rex or Tyrannosaurus Rex album for harmonies. Steve Took's sqwarky, hollow voice perfectly encapsulates the Bolan sound and gives a real edge to the songs. The one word which describes the album, to me, is beautiful. The songs are simply that. Onward.........

Hot Rod Mama - A real rock and roller to get the album going. Wonderful how Marc gets so much energy on this track. That whole rolling acoustic guitar sounds like an engine ticking over very nicely. Magical. Steve's background voices are terrific and compliment the track brilliantly. So simple and yet with so much passion. What makes this so special is the fact that here we are listening to a 'hippy' acoustic album and the first track is a rocking number about a ford motor car. Very clever.

Scenescof follows and surely this is birthplace of Debora? That two note opening rift is straight out of the Debora jive. I love the melody here. It's Bolan at his most triumphant when he's blowing free on his guitar and singing out these beautiful little refrains. When I hear Scenescof, I just want to get up and dance around like a crazy old loon. The guitar frill at the end of each of the verses does something to my head. Brilliant.

Child Star. Hooo, mysterious! When I hear this, I'm taken to the marble heights of the Grey havens, looking out over the black Sundering Seas, above which lies a clear starry sky. Not one which enflames the emotion within me, but still worthy of note. I love the end with the bongos and the trailing voices.

Strange Orchestras. The Harmonies make this song. Marc and Steve weave magic together here. Find some peace and quiet, when you can, and listen to them sing together. So magical. The song is completely ridiculous both musically and lyrically but it's got a place in my heart. I love the consistancy of the track. It's basically hippy boogie, simple and innocent.

Chateau in Virginia Waters. When I first heard this song, I wanted to go there and see the place for myself. Even now, when I stand at Waterloo station and look over the destinations and see Virginia Waters on the board I toy with the idea of going there. I never have. One day maybe I will. I guess I just don't want to lose the magic of it. It would be awful if I discovered it was nothing like the image in my head which Marc's put there. Marc's strongest when he's dealing with strong melodic songs, just like this one!

Dwarvish Trumpet Blues. Wow! This tune reeks of earthyness, it's perfect. It's so picturesque. When I first heard this tune, I didn't know it's title and immediately I saw a dwarf sitting on a moss eaten log blowing on a tin trumpet. There's such vision in this song. The highlight for me is the back stroke on the guitar chord after the first verse. Funny how such small touches make such an impact upon the listener. The end is terrific as the beat ups the stakes and the tracks rolls to it's final conclusion. Moria Magic!

Hand Claps and Rhyme song. I don't know what this track is called. Is it part of the Dwarvish Trumpet Blues or is it a tune on it's own right? It's not named on my doubleback lp. Whatever, it's so simple and has such warmth, I love it. However, when it ends I'm expecting something to leap out of the speakers, and it doesn't. The end just comes and you've got to turn the vinyl over. Shame..........but at least side two's about to begin, the best keeps getting better!

Mustang Ford. Another car song to start the side. There's that engine ticking over again, ticking over pretty nicely as well. That's one well tuned motor, I'm telling you. It's Marc's "C'mon" after the opening sequence and when the tune just cuts loose and ploughs into the second verse that gets my blood pressure a'thumping. Marvellous magical motoring.

Afghan Woman. I wish I knew what he was saying here! I'm sure it's beautiful, but I just can't decipher the words! Whatever, the tune moves me but the best bit's when he "la's" the verses to a close.

Knight. Favourite track on the album. It's those bongos man, they drive me wild. Steve must have got a few blisters after recording this track. Brilliant! The weaving guitar and wonderful melody sit perfectly atop of Steve's percussion, whilst his backing is second to none. I'd call it amazing.

Graceful Fat Sheba. SO So so laid back. I hear this and hot summer sunday's come to mind. A glass of wine, a cigarette, hot sun and a field of wheat are encapsulated on this track. Not only that, but the girlie's (now dead) cat was called Sheba and she was VERY fat (the cat, not the girlfriend). It was the cat's song!

Weilder of words. Wow! That is all I can say! Wow! I'm speechless after hearing this. Such beauty in both the words and the melody. Ohhh, that melody just gets me right there (clasping heart). And the harmonies! Ahh the harmonies. I don't know if the songs were done on the fly or what but they retain their 'ad-lib' qualities whilst sounding just so good. The change in tempo mid way through gets you a-boogieing and is very clever whilst the descent into the close of the track is simply mad. I get the sensation of falling, falling, falling down into the organised chaos of the howling chants, the vibrant, wanton fun of it all. Brill.

Frowning Atahuallpa is beautiful. The chorus is so touching and Marc's voice goes right through me. The way the guitar seems to tiptoe around the tune makes me well-up (okay, when I've had a few ales and I'm feeling kinda sentimental!) The story's so beautiful, it's a wonderful way to bring the album towards it's conclusion.

Kingsly Mole is SUCH a top story, it's just excellent. All the elements are there of the hippy era, but also of fantasy and joy and carefreeness. It sits in the album very nicely.

Finale. The final song has the special merit that it manages to store the whole of the title within a verse. Some achievement.

Overall, a touching, beautiful album. Okay, it's basic in places, raggid in others but it's got heart and it's so warm to hear.

Listen to it and love it. Robster.

=== Review by Syd ===

It's hard to believe that the genius that Marc was, wrote and sung this beautiful album when he was a mere 20 years old.

Virginia Waters has got to be one of the most beautiful sounding place names in the world. This album used to send me in to a dream like state. A lot of Marc's music used to have that effect on me. A sort of musical drug. It still happens occasionally and playing this album brought it all flooding back. A chateau in Virginia Waters, free from all those cultured vultures. I always wondered what Virginia Waters was really like until one day I travelled through there on a coach headed for southern climes. It was green and leafy and through the trees I could just make out the Chateau. Still living the dream.

=== Review by MarcO ===

Its always a pleasure to play this album, putting on the deck is like visiting an old friend.

I've had this album for 28 years and even now I can still catch something new from it. This year will be the thirtieth anniversary of the albums release, I think the unique thing about Marc's music is the timelessness of it all. The original "The Wizard", "The Third Degree" and "Hippy Gumbo" all sound dated, but from then on its difficult to put anything else "in a box". My people is a work of art, poetry set to music, and oh what music it is. "Chateau" has to be the stand out track, a mesmerising tune that compels you to learn the lyrics by heart so that you can sing along to it.

"Weilder of Words" is equally superb, remember what I said not so long ago about Macartney being the only musician other than Marc able to record this sort of song,? most other artists would not have been able to hold it all together, Marc and Macca made this type of song their trademark. "Atahuallpa" rocks, a gentle flowing melody that just takes you to another plane, anyone who says they're not compelled to close their eyes and float away whilst listening to this is a liar.

The only bad track on the album for me is "Sheba" not the prettiest of songs, especially when compared to Afghan Woman and the like.

All in all, for a debut album, its pure genius. 30 years on and it still gets the MarcO ***** 5 stars.

=== Review by Dela ===

Okay, so it's late in coming.

My People has always been a rather unusual album for me. The music has always been secondary to the lyrics and to the mood of the album as a whole. I started to write about the tracks as musical compositions to begin with, but found I got nowhere. It had to be just the lyrics. I mean sure, I sing along to Mustang Ford and Hot Rod Mama with the best of them, but at the end of the day, the music is a nice bonus for me. That's why I took so long to do this review as well - it had to be just right.

I first heard this album in 1984, when I picked it up for a couple of quid in a second-hand shop. I had bought Unicorn about a month before, and loved that, and wanted to hear some more of the early stuff. My People was the third Tyrannosaurus Rex album I got, and at first I grudgingly admit I wasn't that keen on it; I found it too simplistic compared to Unicorn. But then I realised something - that was the point.

This isn't an album for loud noises, complex arrangements or sophisticated techniques. Heck, at times it just seems as if Marc had put down his copy of Bert Weedon's "Play In A Day" and thought he'd have a bash at an album! Instead, it's a pure album of Marc poetry set to music. Anything more would have detracted from it. I can't say what Marc truly meant with any song, and I know that people will not agree with my interpretations, but this is what the album means to me.

Hot Rod Mama and Mustang Ford, both obviously about cars in original intent, mean more than just that to me. They speak to me about loss, or loss of potential. 'Blown out my mind / I can't keep up the pace' Marc sings in Hot Rod Mama, and then later 'I'm selling all my midnight.' Burning the candle at both ends, and heading for a fast end? And then in Mustang Ford, 'My baby she don't know I'm hypnotised.' A man so wrapped up in what he's doing, it seems he doesn't realise the impending future. The telling lyric for me is perhaps the best from Mustang Ford: 'It's all put together with alligator leather.' I read two things from this. First is that it is hard-wearing and attractive, but secondly that is all it is and serves no great purpose. A man, heading for an end, with no idea it is coming. The speed they are both sung at, and the vibrato Marc puts into Mustang Ford, just settles this idea for me.

Love is a predominant theme throughout this album. But not the full-on love of many songs around then and now. I mean the pure and noble kind. Where a man serenades a woman, tells her her eyes are wonderful, and tallks nothing but romance. The perfect example is, of course, Knight. A simple man, who thinks little of himself, has nothing in life but his love. He goes to the one he loves, and with none of the facade of normal life, offers his heart totally to her. Beautiful. And Afghan Woman would, to me, be the thing he would say to her. A knight in 60's London, simply telling a woman just how beautiful she is to him. No free love, and not one improper suggestion. A pure, heart-felt portrait he sees of her. I think the same of Graceful Fat Sheba. She isn't beautiful by the traditional sense, smells bad and isn't at all thin. But still there is something inside her that can move a man to poetry - her true self.

One important song for me is Child Star. I am reminded of The Caterpillar in 'Alice Through The Looking Glass' every time I hear this song. I love the use of metaphor - Mountain eyes, a precious gem, elvish fingers.... Marc excelled at using this in his lyrics, and this is a very good example. Many other artists using such techniques would be viewed simply as pretentious. Not in his case, though. He truly means what he says, and displays the love and affection he has for the Child Star. The obvious loss of the Child, and with it the talent, is such an emotional outpouring I feel moved just reading the lyrics. I can't help but feeling this could almost be sung about Marc himself nowadays. Comparable to 'A Child Ill' by Betjeman, which is high praise indeed.

To me, the album is both quite beautiful and melancholy. A wonderful tapestry of words and outpouring of emotion, but at the same time, longing and scared. There was all this beauty inside Marc that we all know and love, and he wanted to get it out. And still, it wasn't enough for him. He wasn't greedy, just unfulfilled. It seems that no-one could accept all he had to give and I think he felt that he wouldn't be able to, or at least given the chance. Something would happen before he could get it all out of his mind. I don't know if that is hindsight talking, but it is the impression I am left with.

As I've grown up, and come to learn more about literature and poetry, this album has a feel which reminds me of certain things. The almost lyrical prose of Edgar Allen Poe and Lewis Carroll. The belief and passion of Yukio Mishima and of Milan Kundera. The fantasy of Tolkein (look at Dwarfish Trumpet Blues). But more than this, and some would (cynically!) say unsurprisingly, is of HP Lovecraft's 'The Dream Quest of Unknown Kadath.' The dream adventures of Randolph Carter in this story are so much how I would imagine Marc's mind must have worked. A fantastic world, full of bright colours and vivid experiences, where you can almost touch the poetry. I'm glad he shared it with us all.

And that, my dear friends, is how I see this album.


=== Review by MarkMcl ===

Dedicated to Aslan and the Old Narnians.

Tyrannosaurus Rex rose out of the sad and scattered leaves of an older summer. During the hard, grey winter they were tended and strengthened by those who love them. They blossomed with the coming of spring, children rejoiced and the earth sang with them. It will be a long and ecstatic summer. - John Peel

The above words are from the back cover of the vinyl original for those of you who were unsure.

Note: Original contains a separate lyric sheet...

...but not my copy. Mislaid somewhere along the supply chain and how should I know it was not there? For three years half the words were simply indecipherable to my ears. Then, while visiting my girlfriend at the time, I discovered in the room of her friend a copy of My People... and to my amazement there was a lyric sheet. So I spent the next hour or so transcribing the words onto any paper I could get hold of. That hand written lyric sheet is still there in my vinyl copy. I do not know what the girl-friend thought to being ignored while I scribbled. By then the damage was done, there is still Marc mumbling in my head, I do not hear the lyrics, simply let the sounds wash over me. The following is written ignoring the written word and relying solely on my ears.

SIDE 1. 1.HOT ROD MOMMA "Selling all my midnight" - slang for some kind of drug? Not one I knew. So what means this "midnight"? Also "baseball boots above my head" - poetic gibberish. "Purple coloured Dodeville" - what is a Dodeville. I am struggling to understand what Marc sings, can these really be the words? Yes, according to the lyric sheet. What is the very last word he sings on this track, anyway? Yours in confusion.

2.SCENESCOF A boppy little song of lost love - "with your babe by my side". And the classic line "I don't need anyone to dictate all my fun". I find this song echoes the sentiments in the much later Seagull Woman on T.Rex (the brown album).

3.CHILDSTAR This is the most unintelligible track of the album to my ears. Even having the lyrics it is too late, I still struggle to hear the words. The Japanese version of these lyrics cracks me up.

4.STRANGE ORCHESTRAS This track I LOVE even if about the only words I can make out are "strange orchestras". Especially the wordless chorus "do do do dah dah" and "they giggle and they wriggle".

5.CHATEAU IN VIRGINIA WATERS Now here is a spooky thing. I composed this review on the coach from Ringwood to London, Heathrow airport listening to the CD on my Sony Discperson. The coach turned off the motorway because it was rush-hour and went along the A30 passing through, you guessed it, Virginia Water.

I like the symmetry of two women, one in Virginia Water, one in Little Venice, both of whom wish to write a book about the other and being unaware of each other's existence. That is how I read this song, anyway. I think it switches to the second woman at "She peers at the portrait..." Favourite lines are "powder blue chaise-long" and "wise just like Socrates".

Note: Little Venice is a area just north of Regents Park in central London, so named because the Grand Union Canal and Camden lock give it a very watery air.

6.DWARFISH TRUMPET BLUES Ah, that opening, so mysterious. Still have not a clue what it is all about. Again those wordless choruses "dah dah doo dah dah".

Listen very carefully at the end of side one and you will hear:

His horns are streaked with parts of you
He drinks from jars of morning dew
His eyes are locked we hold the key
So smile because there's grapes for tea

The last (=Please Turn Over) is said so very quietly that I never knew it was there until last year when Natalie MacDonald pointed it out to me.

SIDE 2. 1.MUSTANG FORD Another song about cars.

2.AFGHAN WOMAN Suddenly a beautiful, priceless gem. Gazelle girl - clothed in scraps of sacks and linen. The whole song puts me in a high place, a castle or palace that reminds me of Gormenghast. The album is worth it for this song alone. I will not try to analyse, simply listen to it again.

3.KNIGHT A gentle song but mostly gibberish to my ears but I do catch the phrase "ostrich feathers".

4.GRACEFUL FAT SHEBA One of the most powerful songs on the album, a woman of beauty if you can but see below the surface. I have yet to find "Gluttonic" in a dictionary - Marc made it up because it sounded right.

5.WEILDER OF WORDS A brilliant track featuring my favourite line on the album "discovered in a moonlit launderomat".

Let us examine "Sleek astrakhan, reclining on a Chippendale stand, so sad they should be owning a man who's thicker than the forestry from where they began.".

Now I had never read Astrakhan as plural (like sheep) hence "they" must include the Chippendale stand. So this means even the furniture despairs at the idiocy of their owner. That I liked - he must be "as thick as two short planks" as we English say.

Robert de Font le Roy - no not for me - thank you.

6.FROWNING ATAHUALLPA (MY INCA LOVE) A beauty to pair with Afghan woman. Another far-flung dusky maid.

7.READING BY JOHN PEEL (MY PEOPLE...) This tale was not on Catblack's site and so I transcribed it not realising that it was already on Ivan's site. We (Ivan and I) have compared notes on the minor differences and I have deferred to his grammar. The one word he was not sure about - but I am - is "gen" as in "'Li'll know all the mapping gen,' so the Mole, kneeling on the soft soil, said a morning prayer to Ra, not even caring if he dirtied his yellow Rupert trousers because his molish mind knew that praying was special." Gen is short for GENeral intelligence (according to Chambers English Dictionary).

For non-UK'ers: Rupert the Bear is a cartoon character who has been running for many years in the UK. His trousers are yellow with a widely spaced thin black check pattern. I used to have a scarf in that pattern and people easily recognised it a Rupert scarf.

And then of course the run-out track that gave the album its title:

I come from a time where the burning of trees was a crime,
I lived by a sea where to be was a thing of true joy,
My people were fair and had sky in their hair,
But now they're content to wear stars on their brows.

Yours belatedly


=== Review by Fee ===

I'm sorry that my review for My People Were Fair and had Sky in Their Hair is late. But having read Dela and Mark McL's reviews I just wanted to add my thoughts.

Like Dela I bought My People second-hand after I had listened to the Unicorn and Beard of Stars double LP. I bought My People in 1972ish. Basically I agree with Dela. I also found it simplistic at first (to my 13 year old ears). But as Dela said that is the point.

My People has a charm that comes from its simplicity. It was Marc's first Tyrannosaurus Rex album and it does show. It is poetry to music and that is its strength. The songs are short (some too short).

The sound effects behind the song are wonderful. I always liked these often silly sounds. They were always such fun. The highpoints (for me include):

Hot Rod Mama - If It wasn't such a tragedy I might wish I was dead! Well it certainly was a tragedy! I thought the lyrics were - 'My purple coloured Jodeville'. I always thought that was some old American car! I love the Greased-Up Levis line.

Child Star - One of my all time favourite songs. The slurred lyrics become almost hypnotic. And how poetic that Marc wrote his own epitaph (of sorts) in this song. Sad to see them mourning you - when you are there within the flowers and the trees. I always think of this song when I am at the tree and I always think of the tree when I hear this song.

Strange Orchestras - A funny little song with words so quick it is difficult to make them out. My favourite bit that makes it so endearing is the line 'They giggle and they wiggle through the door in the big dark oak tree' followed by the ahhh-ha. A fun, silly song that makes me smile.

Afghan Woman - The whole thing, the lyrics - the music and Marc's singing combine to create a heady feeling. I am simply amazed that anyone can wrote such beautiful lyrics.

Graceful Fat Sheba - Again there is a hypnotic quality within this song which Marc could invoke. Wonderful Imagery of Sheba - The meat - The sweat - The smell. And yet the song itself invokes a feeling of beauty.

Frowning Atahuallpa - A simple, yet beautiful and haunting song with tinges of sadness wrapped up in a beautiful melody.

And I loved the little rhyme at the end of side one.
But I thought the first line was:
His Horns are streaked with Parts of Yew
And I was astonished that you have only just discovered the PTO Mark McL. That was one of the loveliest things on the album.

The story - Finally after knowing part two off by heart - I got to listen to part one. Not as good as part two, but still fun.

The Album certainly influenced me! I visited Virginia Waters and Little Venice just because they were in the 'Chateau in Virginia Waters'!

Finally - The Cover. I have spend hours studying it. All the intricate little details. I true work of art.


=== Review by Stewart ===

I felt so bad after doing my first reveiw [Zip Gun] which i just sent in, that after reading the Kiddie crew reveiw of My People which i just got ,i thought i,ll just stay up and finish that bottle of Scotch and do my own. MY PEOPLE WERE FAIR AND HAD SKY IN THEIR HAIR BUT NOW THEY,RE CONTENT TO WEAR STARS ON THEIR BROWS

Man, when i first got this album in the 70,s and i saw that title I thought this Bolan guy has got Balls.I can just see him in my mind at the record company and this is what were going to call the album, never mind what was recorded on the album, music that you can,t compare to any think else in the music world. Those music execs must of looked around at each other and thought who the hell is this. Like most Tiller,s i heard My People after discovering T.REX and went back to find more record,s of this Bolan cat.When i first heard this album it sounded a bit thin compaired to Unicorn but as i listened to over and over i reliesed it was not thin but just recorded a little thin{it was recorded on one of the first 8 track recorders in Britain, state of the art at the time,it was a learning process for the engneer,It was well suited for Marc who was taking full use of the 8 tracks avalible to him and Steve} so with a little bass boost and headphones i discovered a very powerful magical listening experience.
Good album cover although i don,t have an orginal {got the double" my people" with" prophets" albums and cd,s no back cover}
Hot Rod Mama........great intro really great back ground vocal by Steve simple song at first then Marc does what he was great at, singing with him self. Marc was thinking of his musical pal Eddy Cochran when he wrote this, i,m sure *****************
Scenescof..........this song always makes me feel happy don,t know why but it,s too short for me Marc,s guitar work starting to get really good.
Child Starr.........a very moody song, great work by Steve on the back ground singing, Tony starting to use stereo effects with the voices.
Strange Orchestras.......Marc starting to really use the multi tracking with his voice, Steve starting to come out more with his vocals,really getting that magical sound to work.
Chateau in Virginia Waters......blues coming out of the pair,really nice break into the chors,almost go,s over the top ,but hold,s together quite nice.
Dwarfish Trumpet Blues.........they get a little more bolder with this song ,it,s starting to really flow along ,building up as it goes. and the poet Bolan comes out at the end of the song,....Grapes for tea......mmm what,s in your tea Marc [great stuff]
Mustang Ford........recording a little thin on the bongo,s but this is all a new way of recording...good song, sounds like the boy,s were getting into some herb tea?
Afghan Woman..........Steve,s best bongo playing starts off this very power song, hit,s me right in the soul, pure Bolan blues ,makes me sad the way a great blues song should ,lot of magic in this one .
Knight......Marc starting really use his guitar to follow the vocal lead ,Steve again fit,s his backup voice to Marc,s ,they really sing well together on this one.
Graceful Fat Sheba.......here is a first, the back up singer" Steve" start,s the words of the song before the lead singer"Marc" with a really nice effect that i have never heard before by any one. another powerful song that blends two vocals into one, again too short.
Wielder of Words.....Marc,s guitar playing comming out again with following the lead vocal and Steve the perfect follow up vocal,and meeting in the chorus. At the break they really start rock ,Marc starts to let lose ,the echo opens up and the song ends to soon.
Frowning Atahuallpa[my inca love]..............Marc saved the best for last,the most dreamy song of the album, takes you away to some where nice Steve does his best background voice of the album with a bongo beat only he could come up with, Marc is almost chanting he is so into the song,They both melt into a Bolan story read by Mr Peel as only he can read it with that great english voice,then were teased with only a small sample of a song of the album title that you want to hear more of, but the album end,s far to soon, you want to keep in that magical world that Marc created.
Marc said it him self that he captured some magic on tape and this album is one of those that is full of Magic.

take care......Stewart

=== Review by Karen ===

My first impression of this Lp was wow what a title, what a cover, what a vision, people with sky in their hair! The artwork to the cover alone wants you to come inside and absorb everything around you that you see and hear. I didn't actually buy this Lp until after Marc had died, in a way I am glad I didn't hear it earlier as I don't think I would have given it much of a hearing, but as you get older as with everything else I find your taste in music changes, you are prepared to give new things you hear a chance.

Of Marc's earlier works I only had Beard of Stars and Unicorn, when I acquired My People, comparing it to the other two (at that time in my life) I found it very simple and basic, but over the years I've found that's why I like it so much, you can definetly tell it was one of Marc's first recordings, but I feel it has a timeless quality which always draws me back to it. Marc's talent as a poet was here for all to see, so early in his career. Onto the Lp itself, some songs stand out more than others, there are definetly some beautiful songs here.

Hot Rod Mama - Here is Marc belting out his obvious love of 50s Rock n Roll, there is a definite Elvis influence here for all to hear.

Scenesof - This is one of the more simpler tracks of the Lp I feel it could have been a bit longer.

Childstar - Now this track is more me, beautiful lyrics, beautiful music also think Steve's voice blends beautifully with Marc's. This song needs to be listened to all alone, when it can really transport you somewhere else, this I've found to be true with so many of Marcs songs. "Sad to see them mourning you when you are there within the flowers and the trees" That one line sums up for me this beautiful song.

Strange Orchestras - The title of this song sums up everything to me, I am listening to so many strange and new instruments (to my ears anyway) I'm hearing bells, cymbols wow so many beautiful new sounds.

Chateau in Virginnia Waters - This has to be my favourite song on the Lp it makes me want to visit this place, check it out for myself, can anywhere be so inspiring as it was obviously to Marc? This song makes me feel like it's summer and everything in the world is ok, truly a great song can make you feel like this, also like Steves harmonys on this track, truly beautiful.

Dwarfish Trumpet Blues - Another track I really like, Love Marcs vocals on most of the Lp, but they sound sort of eerie here, they make you listen and take note.

Mustang Ford - Another Rock n Roll track Marc likes to throw in only Marc would sing about a mustang ford, not one of my favourites.

Afghan Woman - I know I'm always harping on how much I love Marc's poetry, but on this track it's beautiful, he makes me feel as though I know this woman, no I want to be this woman, this song has a really eastern feel to it, again I would have preffered it to be a bit longer, but maybe that was the plan, leave them wanting more.

Knight - Only an average song for me, nothing much stands out for me.

Graceful Fat Sheba - This always comes accross as a dark creepy sort of track, the lyrics here are not all dreamy and beautiful as in a lot of Marcs songs, I know they're not meant to but these don't do much for me.

Weilder of Words - This is another track I love, beautiful lyrics again, I know I do say this a lot when I'm reviewing Marcs music, but they do stand out, Like the bongos in the background, in fact I wish sometimes I was more of a 60's child than a 70's child.

Frowning Atahuhuallpa - I sometimes wonder where Marc got his inspiration from, did these words just jump out, or are they inspired by someone, or something. "I come from a time where the burning of trees was a crime" quite topical at the moment! all in all I think My People takes me to this magical time and place, and yes some of us still wears stars on our brows!

Karen(Torchgirl of the marshes)

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