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"It started with a kiss."
    Hot Chocolate.

About This Site

It started with a Compuserve account

I briefly acquired a Compuserve account for use with a geographically dispersed project way back in February 1966. That account came with a little free webspace so I thought I would have a go. The utility Compuserve provided messed up my edits so I decided to learn the basics of HTML to give me the control I wanted. And never looked back.

WYSIWYG cyber-personality

What I aim to do with this site is reflect myself, my style, my interests, my personality. So if we ever met you would feel like you already knew me.

It really is done with Notepad

This web site has been an excellent learning mechanism for me. Doing it the hard way I have learnt what is really going on and had to KISS (Keep It Simple, Stupid!). I learned about FTP, graphics, stylesheets, standards and lots of other stuff. I read about good web design principles and work to put them into practice.