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"You cannot change the past, but you can shape the future."
    Rick Dalvano.

About M&M Enterprises

Who or what is M&M Enterprises?

M&M Enterprises is me - Mark McLellan self-employed consultant. M&M Enterprises was founded when I took voluntary redundancy from Computer Sciences Corporation in the UK when they "right-sized" in September 1999.

Why the name M&M Enterprises?

It comes from Catch 22 by Joesph Heller. In it a character called Milo Minderbinder sets up M&M Enterprises as a front for his black market trading activities.

"The "M & M" in "M & M Enterprises" stood for Milo & Minderbinder, and the & was inserted, Milo revealed candidly, to nullify any impression that the syndicate was a one-man operation."

Given my initials what else could I call my company? And then I met and married Mary so it could now stand for Mark & Mary as well.

The Rainbow Hexagram

I thought my new company should have a logo. For me the rainbow symbolises a child-like sense of awe and wonder to which I aspire (why is a longer story). So I put together the trigrams for fire over water - as good a description of a rainbow as any - that gave me Hexagram 64. When I consulted the I-Ching the reading felt like a comfortable fit; personal growth about to flower.

Wei Chi (Before Completion) symbolises the purity of order and harmony.

  • Bare trees before the leaves come.
  • Crossing over to order and harmony.
  • The past is gone, the future yet to be.

Wei Chi depicts a tree with doubled branches at the top indicating that the tree is barren of flowers or leaves; it means 'not yet' or 'incomplete', in the sense of a tree in early spring that does not yet have flowers. More generally, it can be interpreted as 'crossing over to or attaining harmony'. Altogether, it symbolises the time or the circumstances before attaining harmony, where the crossing over is incomplete in the same sense that a tree is incomplete without flowers or foliage. Or, it symbolises the purity of order and harmony, where there is nothing to attain.

My personal credo [and the qualities they embody]


  • My life is a garden [balance, growth]


  • I do not know where I want to go but I do know how I want to get there...
  • ...and that is gracefully [effortlessly, touched with divine spirit]


  • To be of service.


  • To aspire to wisdom [courage, patience, as in the "serenity" prayer]
  • To live my life with integrity (true to myself) and honour (true to others) [truthfulness]
  • To perform random acts of kindness and senseless acts of beauty [compassion, creativity leading to joy]
  • To develop a child-like sense of awe and wonder [joy]