Paintings by Michael McLellan MBE RIBA

Current / Forthcoming Exhibitions

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Yvonne Arnaud Art 2008

7th to 25th July 2008 at Yvonne Arnaud Theatre
Millbrook, Guildford, Surrey GU1 3UX

An exhibition of paintings and sculpture presented by Guildford Arts.
For more information visit Yvonne Arnaud Art 2008

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Michael McLellan talks about his paintings

I have always practised as an architect and many of the images in the paintings reflect this.

I find that my initial concepts often change as the process of painting seems to determine each subsequent step, so that the end product, to my surprise, is very different to the starting point.

As a character in one of Kurt Vonnegut's books says, "I lay the first stroke of colour. After that, the canvas has to do at least half of the work."

I find that an observer can discover interpretations of which I am unaware, making me realise that there is always a two-way process at work between painter and viewer. Such ambiguity is an element that I welcome.

I have been open to many influences but two that particularly stand out are Magritte and Max Ernst.

I have exhibited at a number of shows over the years, the longest running being the Royal Institute of British Architects Exhibition. Many of the paintings now on display have been loaned by private collectors.